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Emergency Tree Fellign Benoni

Emergency Tree Felling and Removal Services

Storm damage from high winds or lightning strikes is quite common in Benoni and often creates an extremely dangerous situation. In many instances, huge trees may have fallen across your yard or house. The tree can weigh tonnes so cutting the wrong branch when removing can be disastrous and even fatal if the tree suddenly moves.

At Tree Felling Benoni we are experts in this field; emergency tree removal and we can provide a 24-hour, 7 days-a-week emergency service to ensure that any storm damage is removed as soon as possible with regards to safety.

A good tree felling company should not only offer great customer service, but also quality workmanship. Our team of professional arborists is committed to providing customers with the best possible experience.

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Our Services

Frequently Asked Questions


Tree emergencies happen when parts of trees or whole ones fall onto your property. Sometimes downed power lines can still be carrying electricity and the fallen tree may compromise the structural integrity of her house, so stay away from them if you’re not an expert!


A chainsaw is the absolute fastest way to cut down a tree. Tree surgeons often use a chainsaw when cutting down a big tree, in which they will usually only take the chain up about halfway to where they want it so there are no branches in their way – and then spot them out from behind. If you’re really wanting to do this yourself, though, you definitely need training at least before trying it for safety’s sake. 

A chainsaw is a simple and effective way to remove tree stumps. First, dig around the cut until you find some roots or other material that will keep it from regenerating in your yard – this can take anywhere between one day and several weeks depending on how deeply embedded into the dirt surrounding area may be for various reasons such as environmental conditions (acid soil). Once found make sure not to break any branches with an ax prior because doing so would only cause damage rather than completely eliminating what was there which leads us to back up at square 1! Next, proceed by cutting low enough below ground level but high enough above where root systems grow again then go ahead across slices 4-6 inches deep crisscrossed throughout the entire length/width.

When cutting large branches that may fall and damage your house, tie a rope around the branch. Then wrap it with another tree trunk at ground level or higher for extra safety! With assistance from one other worker unwrap slowly lower this heavy load until you are finished trimming what needs to be cut off of it.

There are two mistakes that you should never make when cutting a tree. Do not intersect the back cut and undercut, instead leave some uncut wood behind for now; then as soon as possible insert falling wedge so it can help guide your cuts in either direction if needed.


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